<unpopular opinion> Barring one occurring solely due to mental illness, I support the right to suicide. I believe a free being can do anything they like with their life up to and including ending it. </unpopular opinion>

suicide unpopular opinion







Most hated NFL team in each continent, according to a Reddit survey.

Full album: http://imgur.com/a/T5WiH

More hate maps

Africa hates the Cowboys? I learn things I like about Africa every day it seems

Because Africa totally follows the NFL.

Sounds like we found an African Cowboys fan

American Football: Does not compute…

Dude you changed your blog. 

I figured if I keep writing long-ass posts, it should be on a readable background. Doesn’t seem to help gain readership though




there is no reason for “sean” to be pronounced “shawn”

Seán is the Hiberno-Norman name for John which came with the Norman invasion of Ireland and the Irish adapting new Norman names to their own language.

So that’s one reason. 

fucking a right


you can literally say anything on tumblr and these little moral police assholes will crawl out of satan’s vag and somehow make you seem like hitler 2.0 

Unless its longer than 200 words cause trust me they don’t read that shit

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